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Deltatrack tractor 520DT



Torque optimization. That’s one of the keys to success of the new 2018 Versatile DeltaTrack. The engineering team at Versatile worked diligently on powertrain enhancements, including the legendary outboard planetary axles, and has delivered a new series of tractors that put more power to drawbar and more power to the ground… up to 15% more!

New models have been added, including the new 610, the highest horsepower tractor ever built by Versatile! The new four-post suspended cab (Standard on DT models) smooths out long days in the field, creating the best ride of any high horsepower tractor in the industry. 


    • New Tier 4 Final emissions technology
    • New higher horsepower, the Versatile 610
    • Increased weight
    • Four-post suspended cab
    • Optional engine brake
    • Cummins engine, CAT transmission

    The benefits to having a suspended cab

    The suspended cab on the DeltaTrack (optional on the 4WD), combined with the optimization of the undercarriage provides the best ride in the industry.

    The suspended cab is raised onto the four point shock and spring system that works in tandem with the tuned torque arms that reduce or eliminate pitch and roll movement.

    Bringing together Versatile’s double-axes bogie system (see next column) and the suspended cab gives the DeltaTrack a superior system to any track based agricultural tractor on the market.

    Why the Deltatrack undercarriage is better

    The DeltaTrack uses a positive drive system to reduce friction, heat, and wear. Track slippage is eliminated by interlocking track lugs into the drive wheel. The DeltaTrack keeps 6.5 lugs engaged with the drive wheel at all times to eliminate slippage between the track and drive wheel. The DeltaTrack uses the largest drive lugs available (8-1/2”) in the industry to maximize operating life.

    Drive Sprocket - A large single piece cast drive sprocket provides a larger wrap angle than competitive track units to increase track life.

    Idler Wheels - The large idler wheels used on the DeltaTrack improve the approach angle to reduce the risk of “submarining” in muddy conditions. The large idler wheels and track angle maximise horsepower-to-ground efficiencies.

    Midrollers - The large midrollers system are not directly inline with axle or drive system components to improve the ride and service life of the tractor. Polyurethane coating dramatically reduces midroller wear and maintenance requirements compared to competitive rubber midrollers.

    Double Axis Bogie - Two way oscillation provides excellent weight transfer and reduces shock loading. The DeltaTrack double axis bogie system also offers a smooth ride over diverse field conditions.


    Engine type - Cummins QSX15 T4F

    Aspiration - Turbocharged & air-to-air aftercooled

    Displacement - 14.9-liter (909 cid) 

    Horsepower - 520 hp (387 kW)

    Power bulge - 11% @ 1800 RPM 

    Peak horsepower - 572 hp (427 kW)

    Torque rise - 51% @ 1400 RPM

    Peak torque - 1700 lb-ft (2305 N•m)


    Capacity - 449 U.S. gal (1700 L)

    Filter - Engine mounted w/water separator

    DEF Tank - 91L (24 U.S. gal)


    Powershift transmission - CAT 16 x 4 - 20.6 mph (33.9 km/hr) road speed


    Articulation angle - 33°

    Oscillation - 12°

    Versatile Outboard Planetary Axles - Heavy-duty

    Differential lock - Standard

    Brakes - Dual Hydraulic Self-Adjusting Disc Brakes Front & Rear Axle

    Wheelbase - 154” (3900 mm)


    Hydraulic type - Closed Center Load Sensing System

    Standard flow - 53 GPM (201 L/min)

    Hi-Flow hydraulic system - 106 GPM (401 L/min)

    Hydraulic remotes - 4 standard, 6 optional

    Maximum system pressure - 2900 PSI (197 bar)


    Alternator - 12V - 200 amps

    Batteries - 3-12V, 1000 CCA ea.

    LED lighting / Power mirrors - Optional / Optional

    Battery shut-off switch - Standard


    Vertical load rating - 9,000 lb (4082 kg)

    Vertical load rating w/heavy-duty drawbar support - 12,000 lb (5443 kg)

    CAT V drawbar rating (optional) - 15,000 lb (6,804 kg) / 2.75” (70 mm) pin 

    Hitch pin diameter (w/auto drop) - 2” (51 mm)

    Quick hitch - Optional

    3-point hitch - CAT IV

    PTO 1000 rpm 1.75 shaft


    Volume - 175.5 cu. ft. (4.97 cu. m)

    Glass - 85.9 sq. ft. (8 sq. m)


    Base tractor weight* - 58,850 lb (26,694 kg)

    Recommended operating GVW - 58,850 lb (26,694 kg)

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