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Wheel tractors VERSATILE

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Versatile MFWD/Row Crop tractors are built for large acreage row crop and broadacre farming.

Designed to be rugged, easy to operate, and simple to service and maintain; Versatile MFWD tractors have the lowest cost of ownership of any tractor in this segment.

The MFWD product line has a highly efficient powertrain, which drives power-to-the ground and drawbar to meet the most demanding applications.


  • Simple to operate, easy to service and maintain
  • Commercial components sourced from industry-leading companies
  • Cummins engine
  • 16 X 9 Versatile powershift transmission
  • Easy to access service and maintenance points
  • Universal auto-steer

Simple to use

Intuitive controls are easy to learn and understand for new operators.

This reduces the learning curve, saving time and reducing the risk of equipment damage.

Operator can save focus for the task at hand.

Common components

Assembled using commercially available components from industry-leading companies.

The use of quality components limits the risk of down time.

Individual systems and operations mean the tractor is more serviceable, reducing downtime and repair costs.

Cummins engine

  • A cantilever mounted engine helps transfer more horsepower to the drawbar and protects the tractor and engine for increased reliability.
  • The smooth operating Cummins QSL 9 reduces vibrations which means a more comfortable ride.
  • The QSL 9 offers improved torque and faster throttle response compared to other engines in its class.

16 x 9 Versatile powershift

  • Versatile 16 x 9 transmission is easy to service which reduces ownership costs and downtime.
  • 16 x 9 powershift reduces power loss from the engine to the PTO and from the power to the ground.
  • Immediate horsepower is available on the ground when required.


  • The Versatile MFWD is highly serviceable which reduces downtime and ongoing costs.
  • Simplified daily maintenance allows the operator to get into the field faste

Universal auto-steer

  • Universal auto-steer allows for integration to almost any farming system, saving time and money when adding a new Versatile to the fleet.
  • Plug and play integration with any system you choose. 
Operational Costs
Lower cost does not mean lower value. Buying a lower cost tractor, with simple daily maintenance and low cost repairs for major components reduces overall operational costs. For customers who purchase their equipment for long term ownership also reduce their costs and own their equipment.
Universal auto-steer was developed in cooperation with the top precision agriculture companies in the industry. Designed to be plug-and-play, this system is compatible with most precision agriculture solutions for easy integration.
Larger Implements And Changing Farming Systems
As new farming systems are adopted and implement sizes increase, larger tractors are required to pull the equipment. High horsepower front-wheel assist tractors offer power, flexibility and versatility.
This is quite often a motivating factor in purchasing a large MFWD tractor. The Versatile MFWD has excellent pulling power and users can future proof their operation for 5-10 years by increasing their horsepower to adapt to new and/or larger implements. 

Engine type - Cummins QSL9
Aspiration - Turbocharged & air-to-air aftercooled
Displacement - 9-liter
Horsepower - 310 hp (231 kW) @ 2100 RPM
Power bulge - 10% @ 1900 RPM
Peak horsepower - 340 hp (254 kW)
Torque rise - 29% @ 1500 RPM
Peak torque - 995 lb-ft (1350 N•m)
Capacity - 170 U.S. gal (644 L)
Filter - Engine mounted w/water separator
DEF Capcity - 9 U.S. gal (34 L) - 7 Gal (26.5 L) (useable)
Powershift transmission - 16 forward speeds, 9 reverse
Maximum speed - 25 mph (40 kph) 
Front axle - Suspended - Standard
Front axle track setting - 60 to 88 in (1524 to 2235 mm)
Rear axle diameter - 4.1 in (105 mm)
Overall width rear bar axle - 92 in (2336.8 mm)
Hydraulic type - Closed Center Load Sensing System 
Standard flow - 55 GPM (208 L/min)
Hi-Flow hydraulic system - 72 GPM (273 L/min)
Hydraulic remotes - Standard flow - 4 standard
Hydraulic remotes - Hi-Flow - 6 standard
Maximum system pressure - 2900 PSI (197 bar)
Alternator - 12V - 200 amps
Batteries - 2-12V, 950 CCA ea.
Standard lights - LED - 4 Headlights, 7 Working lights available
Power mirrors - Optional / Optional
3-point hitch - Category III / IIIN
Standard (SAE) lift capacity - 15,000 lb (7829 kg)
PTO, 1000 RPM - Optional
PTO, 540/1000 RPM - Standard
Volume - 149 cu. ft. (4.22 cu. m)
Glass - 73.5 sq. ft. (6.83 sq. m)
Weight, unballasted* - 23,945 lb (10,861 kg)
Recommended operating GVW - 31,173 lb (14,140kg)
Wheelbase - 124.6 in (3165 mm)
Turning radius** - 15.8 ft @ 30" row spacing (4.8 m @ 762 mm)
Overall length, w/front weights - 246 in (6248 mm)
Height, top of cab - 130 in (3311 mm)

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